Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Kurt Geiger, my new hero

In my family we're not really into the habit of giving Christmas presents. We're not a big family anyway (we don't do big Christmasses with uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents) and usually my brother and I just get money from our parents to spend on whichever thing we have been craving. Mostly because my mother has the habit of freely interpreting any kind of gift lists you hand over to her. Even if you write her down the exact title of a book or cd, or even colour and size with measurements on top, you'll always end up getting something different  than what you intended on getting. But she means well. So she refuses to buy presents, which works out pretty well for all of us.
To no surprise, I ended up spending my Christmas money on shoes. My dad's contribution covered both the Senso Wilma boots and the Jessica Simpson hippie sandals, and on top you can look at the rest of the money well spent. I had my eye on both these styles for a while now, and ended up buying both as soon as they dropped in price.
Both pairs are incredibly gorgeous, but I'm very disappointed to learn that I'm right in between sizes when it comes to Kurt Geiger shoes. The Babylon booties are Miss KG and a size 4 and turned out to be a bit snug, but pretty okay. The Jasmines, that are really the more elegant versions of what Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz, are KG and a size 5, which is definitely a bit big on me, and I haven't even worn them in yet!
I can't wait to wear all my new shoes, but the recent snow (which has now evolved into muddy slush on the pavements and roads) makes me a bit hesitant to take such pretties out for a test drive where they might get ruined. Patience is a virtue...


  1. Oh I love the red heels so.. Hope they turn out to be comfortable despite them being a bit too big(

    I take this opportunity to wish you a happy New Year! May all of your (shoe)wishes come true!


  2. How did you spend the new year's eve? I bet wearing a fantastic outfit!