Saturday, 5 February 2011

Shoe challenge: let's talk numbers, shall we?

Fellow blogger Shoeperwoman has launched a new Shoeper Challenge, set to commence on Valentine's Day. It seemed like an extremely silly idea to start all over, so I'm just tagging along for the ride and continuing on with my own shoe challenge, the very reason I even started this blog back in August.
Step one of the challenge is counting your shoes. Well, that in itself was a challenge, since my shoe collection is scattered all over my Mum's house. It's one of the reasons I almost keep forgetting how many pairs I actually own, I have never seen them all in one place. High time though, me thinks.
After I counted all my shoes (including three pairs I keep at work, don't ask) I came to a staggering number: 85. I own 85 pairs of shoes. Wow. Not. Good. I have been saving up money, true, but I could have been saving a lot MORE money. Damn. Not. Good.
When I think about all my shoes, I feel like this:

Don't you just feel sorry for me now? Look at that sad little face! In reality, this is what it actually looks like. Click to enlarge.

And this is what I would want it to look like, minus the baby of course:

Not quite the same, right? Too bad I don't have Christina's or Mariah's budget. But, I plan to take a similar idea but execute it into a simpler and cheaper (!) alternative. Actually, for my new house (I should be moving in May, yay!), I was thinking about this type of storage:

The house actually has a teeny tiny room, which could be made into a small office or a baby room, but can also be converted into a shoe room. I'd love to see all my babies being all lined up and pretty. Aaaah, a girl can only dream...


  1. WOW, WOW I only have thirteen and my husband said I have too many and he's not buying me any more. I have to save the money ends I get from traveling to school. Do you feel sorry for me now???

  2. 85 pairs? wow, that's a lot:D

  3. I'd kill for shoe cubbies or really any chic display for all of my shoes! Some great (dream) closets here!


  4. I can't see the image of your shoes enlarged...

    I'd love to have a shoe room like these!

  5. Alright, point proven, no need for me to feel sorry for myself with such an elaborate shoe collection. :)

    @ Siel: So sorry to hear that, I have no idea why that is, it works perfectly on my computer... :(

  6. Wow I'd love to have a shoe walk-in closet! But now my shoes are packet same style as yours.. I just wonder.. how big should be the cubbies system for so many shoes? I mean I have 53 pairs and I'm not banned from shopping... and I also plan on some kind of display-like solution..

    PS good luck with the challenge from fellow participant))