Friday, 4 February 2011

Shoe challenge #35: Animal prints

Dress (Etsy), belt (from
another dress), tights (New Look)
and boots (Senso Diffusion)
It's time for the crazy shoes. Now I must admit that these Senso boots are a bit more difficult to wear than I anticipated. Obviously they're easy to match with a LBD or simple jeans, but hey, bo-oring! So I decided I needed a crazy outfit for these crazy boots. And what would be crazier than mixing different animal prints together?
This is not the most flattering angle (yet again), but I actually like this dress (which is secretly a vintage two piece set). The skirt has nice pleats to it, and the top is flowy and wide, which gives the belt that much more effect on my waist. Love. I threw a black cardigan on top and went to work. Can you say easypeasy??


  1. I love these shoes! They're a real eye-catcher.

  2. woah, now that's brave! i don't think i could pull off two different (and large!) animal prints together but you sure can. great outfit!