Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Shoe challenge #42: And it was all yellow

Skirt and top (H&M), cardigan (Zara) and shoes (Berschka)
Another pair of shoes that I've probably worn a little bit too much. These are shiny satin, which makes them really difficult to maintain, but the bright yellow colour always pursuaded me to wear these mostly during daytime. I've worn them to university classes, to dates and to work. There were times when I would hardly take them off my feet. Which left its traces on the fabric, sadly enough.

They were one of the very first pairs of high heels I ever bought, and they actually served as a little pick me up after a painful breakup. Back then I remember thinking they had such a sky high heel, but now I'm thinking that's all relative. I do love the triangular shape of the heel, which makes them just a bit more interesting, and the chunkiness of it makes these so incredibly comfortable to wear.
*edit* I just realized that they look like wedges in this picture, which, I assure you, they are not. Damn you sneaky shadow!

Too bad the fabric is a bit torn on the insides of my feet (but still on the outside of the shoe), which does decrease their attractiveness quite a bit. All shoes have to go to heaven eventually, I just dread the fact that that moment always comes too soon... It's the main reason why I tend to wear new shoes more often, and 'save' up on the older pairs.
Do you do this as well? Not wear your favourite shoes because they are too close to being totally worn down?


  1. love the colour of tkhese, although i'm not sure i am such a fan of wedge heels..

  2. Oh, these aren't actually wedges, but I can see how it looks like that in the photo. :) They're just chunky heels in triangular shape (when seen from below).

  3. I think that one of the good things about having a lot of shoes is that it takes ages for them to wear out. If some of my favourite shoes start to get damaged, I do try to stop wearing them so much. I hate to throw anything out, especially when it comes to shoes and clothes.

    I love the colour of these shoes - it's so bright and cheerful.

  4. I love the colour of these shoes! Like sunshine :)

  5. I so agree with what you and Sara said. I worry about losing some of my long-time shoe "friends." It is nice to have a variety and thus not lose the old ones quite as fast. I love the color of these shoes! I hope you are able to hang on to them for some time still.