Monday, 21 March 2011

Shoe challenge #45: Hot pink hearts

Dress and tights (New
Look), cardigan (Vero
Moda) and shoes
(Vivienne Westwood
+ Melissa)
As soon as this scenic print dress arrived, I wanted to put it on. I had been eyeing it on the New Look website since forever. And then it sold out. And then I manically checked the website every - single - day. When I saw that there were tiny specks of hot pink in it, I knew I had to pair them with my hot pink Lady Dragons. Of course my mum told me I'm completely bonkers.
Just for proof, you can see the pink spots just under the buckle of the belt (that came with the dress btw, woohoo!).

I wore this dress to a networking event on Friday, and I did get hit on by a few men actually. I even got a rose from someone! After which I pointed at The Boy, no sense in leading people on. But, safe to say, the dress and the shoes were both a succes. 

Even though these are actually not as high as I generally like my shoes, I like the looks I get with them from people on the street. Although one person on the train was staring so hard at me in the morning, it actually made me uncomfortable. Unfortunately they did start to rub after I walked all the way through Brussels because me and my friend got lost on our way to the party. The Boy had been waiting for over an hour. And then he had to come and find us. But hey, at least I know my way around the shops. And I'm still thinking about getting a gold pair...


  1. Lovely! I really want the new gold with red hearts. And the yellow with black hearts from last season. Both of those. I have the cherries and I love them, but they'd definitely rub if I walked too far.

  2. Yay I love this dress, I wear mine soo often!