Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Shoe challenge #47: The bronze age

Skirt (Zara), top (H&M),
tights (New Look) and
shoes (Red or Dead)
I just couldn't find an outfit for these shoes. I kept envisioning them with a plain LBD, and that's hardly a real outfit, now is it. And then I remembered my Christmas skirt, which has flecks of a goldish bronze in it and matches the shoes perfectly. I ended up looking a bit overdressed for work (one of my colleagues said I ressembled a New Year's present, aka giftwrapped), but who cares? I sure don't.
The photos don't really do the skirt any justice: it looks far more voluminous in real life and the colours are amazing, little flecks of goldish bronze and purple. Hence the top. Long story short, the outfit looked far better,  but I didn't feel like reshooting the photos. I'm lazy like that.

I really love the look of these shoes, they truly are a cheap alternative for the YSL heels and I'm eyeing the yellow suede ones on the Schuh website, but I would definitely order a size down next time. I ordered a 5, just to be on the safe side since I didn't own any Red or Dead shoes yet, but they are at least (!) a full size too big on the right foot, and half a size on the left.

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  1. i think the skirt and shoes look fab together ! not too overdressed for work at all!