Thursday, 31 March 2011

I heart blogs

The very sweet Gemma of Pink Haired Princess and The Shoe Girl Diaries has given me this thumbs up that is travelling among the 'smaller bloggers'. I'm incredibly honoured and flattered by her kind words about me and my lil' ol' blog (and luckily for me, she posted a rather fetching photo).
I must say that her blogs are always the first ones I click through in my Bloglovin pile, since I'm so fascinated to see which shoes she will be wearing now. Let's say I've never even heard of someone (non famous that is, we're not counting Mariah Carey or Imelda Marcos here) that owns that many shoes! I'm sure she could last throughout the whole year, without ever having to wear the same pair twice. I better watch out, because it's a path I'm definitely having trouble staying away from. So jealous of some of her styles...
Anyway, I guess I need to pick three now. Let's see what Bloglovin has to tell me.

First up: The Styling Dutchman.A Dutch girl living in Belgium, Annabel has a lot of personal style, with a retro feel to it, but always very consistent. Whatever she decides to try out, it always works out so that it fits into her aesthetics. She's a filmfanatic, so aside from daily outfit posts, you'll get cultured while you're at it.

Sam from Daily Fashion Boost, also Dutch, is still very young but has heaps of style and inspiration. I love how she combines high street brands with designer pieces, even if I am completely jealous of her budget. She's been rather M.I.A. lately (not as 'daily' any more), but I'm hoping she'll catch up again real soon!

Veronika loves (Tick Tock) vintage. And telling stories. I like the fact that she usually has a lot more to say than just what she's wearing. She seems very down to earth. She has depth. And cute bangs.

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  1. Wow, thanks for carrying on the tag and your kind words. You always look gorgeous in your pics, but I did especially love that one! Will have to check out those other blogs too : )