Friday, 1 April 2011

Blue Hawaii

I admit to liking these shoes, loud and proud. I would wear them with this dress too.

True, those shoes are completely, totally and utterly over the top, but who cares? They're in the brightest of blues and have a big fat flower on them. You could look up spring in the dictionnary and find a photo of these sandals. My heart was conquered by not only the colour and the flower, but also by the chunkiness of them and the basketlike woven platform and heel. Tropical Bungalow Heel (don't you just love Modcloth's product names?) - $155 and Everyday Bouquet Dress - $105.
I opted for some cheaper alternatives though, I just couldn't resist the 30% off at Dorothy Perkins (go right ahead, why don't you), where I bought three (!) summery dresses. Only to head off to New Look and buy another three. The flesh is weak, my friends, but the Visa card is even weaker!


  1. You did it right! Good that you bought dresses! And the combination - the blue sandals with the floral dress - so perfect! But you didn't buy the blue shoes, as far as I understood... go ahead, they are lovely!(Look, I had to sign up on wordpress to leave a comment... I have some difficulties to post comments on blogspot blogs... but I'll go on writing on mine, - don't know why it was so difficult, but instead of wasting time solving it, I thought it was easier to create an account! Does it make me lazy ;-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness, I lovvvveeee that dress. And your blog...