Thursday, 31 March 2011

Shoe challenge #48: Golden girl

Cardigan and jeans (H&M),
top (Dorothy Perkins) and
shoes (Fornarina)
Just the simplest of outfits today. After a couple of days of sunny spring weather, the Belgian weather gods have turned their backs on us yet again and have offered us only misery rain (not even the real kind, just those awful drips). Hence turning the street where I work into one muddy mess, since they are redoing the pavements. Ugh. Hope that explains the more practical outfit.

These are a lot more 'goody two-shoes' than what I usually go for, but I just love how sparkly they are in real life. They are rich chocolate brown patent with gold glitter brogue detail. What's not to love? The heel is relatively low for me, about 4 inches/10 centimeters I'd guess, and because of the cone shape they are extremely comfortable. (For me) it's like walking in flats really.

And now I'm off to enjoy some bubbly with my man. We have something to celebrate: I finally signed the deeds on my house, I'll get the keys in a mere month! So exciting!

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