Friday, 8 April 2011

Shoe challenge #49: Fruit cocktail

You can see what I did there, right? I put lemons and cherries together and called it a fruit cocktail, I'm laughing so hard I might hurt myself. But, let's get to business, shall we? I got a very sweet (hahahaha) deal on these Lady Dragons last year, I hardly could believe it myself. I mean, €44, come on! Too good to be true.
This gorgeous lemon dress from New Look arrived in the mail on Tuesday, so when we had the most gorgeous weather on Wednesday (24°C at 5pm after work, bingo!), I couldn't not wear it to work. Yes, I might have looked a bit overdressed (again), but who cares. I sure don't, because I felt great.

Don't I just look as if I'm about to burst out in song and hug small children on the street and stuff?

Dress (New Look),
shoes (Vivienne Westwood
+ Melissa)

I got this dress together with this purple beauty and this white/pink one (still not sure about that last one), but this one immediately struck me as my favourite. It reminds me so much of this Stella McCartney number, but we saw a lot of fruit in general on the runways recently.
This particular one has netting underneath, which gives it that extra 50s vibe, which I adore. I love how it's plain coton, it's my favourite fabric to wear when the weather gets hotter. For now, I wore it with a white belt and a lime green cardigan, which I took off as soon as I was in the sun with a glass of rosé wine. Delicious spring!
It does get two negative marks. First, it's rather small. Even with a size up (12 instead of my usual 10), it's very tight across my boobs. Second, the bodice isn't fully lined. Not only is it a bit too see-through, you can very clearly see on top where the lining ends.

I'm still completely head over heels with these shoes, but they have completely ruined my feet. They were fine on Wednesday, but then I wore them again yesterday (with just jeans), and they totally started cutting into the sides of my feet. Result? Not one, not two, but three blisters! Another result? Another day of ballet flats for me...


  1. These shoes are so cute! I have them in green myself, and I love them although I have to admit that I still haven't found anything to wear them with.

  2. oh seeing this post just made me order that dress, it's lovely! :)

  3. Thanks girls!

    @Sara: I'm pretty sure the green ones would look great with this dress. ;)