Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Shoe challenge #51: Spring florals

The weather had gotten remarkably worse yesterday (down 10°C since the weekend and no more sun) so I opted for tights. Again. Because I insisted on wearing my new Zara skirt. Originally I had my eye on this Monet inspired one, but this busy orange flowery mini almost begged me to come home with me. It cheered me up, what more could I ask for? (well, actually that other skirt, that is bound to become mine as well, but I couldn't find it in store)
I was thrilled to discover that I'd held onto my denim jacket up till now, it has been years since I've last worn it. I love how everything ends up going back into fashion, if you're willing to wait long enough for it.

I also went against one of my own fashion rules: never wear peep toes with tights. That said, I think it didn't look that bad (since I went with black on black) and I (luckily) didn't feel to selfconscious about it. These are surprisingly comfortable, but sadly it's only the second time I've worn them since I bought them on sale last winter from Dorothy Perkins. I love the added oomph from the little round studs.
New fun fact about men, they don't even notice when you're wearing these or these (today). Quote: "But those are exactly the same shoes!!!". Men...

PS: I really need to start taking outdoor outfit photos again, these look terrible.


  1. I agree that you totally can wear those shoes with black tights. I think it looks great. The studs are cool!