Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shoe challenge #38: Neon fashion

Top and cardigan (Zara), belt and tights (some
random shop), skirt (Vera Moda) and
booties (Miss KG)
Words can't describe how crazy I am about these booties. But, I knew that already when I bought them, I had been eyeing them for months after all. What I did not expect, was how everyone else really seems to like them as well. Even my mum and the boyfriend, my two toughest critics. And the best thing about them, apart from all the compliments and the looks on the streets? They. Go. With. Everything.
These must be one of most versatile shoes I own. They match pretty much everything in my wardrobe. They can toughen up a look (I bet they would look great with my creme lacy miniskirt or a cute girly dress), or they can give more edge to an already edgy look.
I wasn't feeling great yesterday (just another manic Monday, after a manic weekend), so I decided to cheer myself up by wearing some bright bright colours. I wore this outfit before, but with these shoes, which was even more crazy, but I really felt comfortable in it yesterday. Still feel comfortable today actually, because I'm wearing the exact same thing again, except with a clean top. But sssht! Don't tell anyone I sometimes wear the same outfit twice in a row, the Internet musn't find out!!


  1. lovely outfit, the skirt is such a lovely shape!

  2. Haha, thanks! One of my colleagues remarked how a tulip skirt makes my bum look like that of a black girl. I'm taking it as a compliment. :D

  3. The boots and the outfit are divine! What brand are those fabulous tights?

  4. @Gabfran: I'm only slightly embarassed to admit that the tights were on offer at Aldi, a discount supermarket. :)