Friday, 22 April 2011

Shoe challenge 53#: Tie the knot

Dress (Primark) and
shoes (New Look)
I know, I know. Predictable blogger. Of course I had to buy the Primark beach dress. Like pretty much every other girl on the interwebs. But, since there's no Primark in Belgium and the website does not deliver here, I had to scour eBay to get it. I love the feeling of the light fabric on my skin, especially with the weather we've been having (Belgium is officially the hottest place in Europe right now), but I expected it to be a bit more structured. Oh well.

I hardly ever wear these shoes, but I haven't taken them off my feet during the last three days and I am very intent on getting more wear out of them in the future. They are the most gorgeous mouse grey suede and I fell in love with them because they remind me so much of these pretty Louboutins.

Right now I'm going to get ready for yet another birthday weekend, with a new shoe challenge, or so I'm planning to. I'm thinking... pink shoes!!

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  1. Er is een Primark in Luik :)
    Leuke outfit!