Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Shoe challenge #54: Pink polka hearts

Dress (bought at a festival)
and shoes (Barbara Bucci)
This was my outfit on Friday, when I went out for birthday drinks with a couple of my friends. I just love wearing pink, and this dress is one of my absolute favourites. I love how it walks the fine line between not-too-casual and not-too-dressed-up. It's actually covered in tiny pink hearts, so so cute! I picked it up at a music festival a couple of years ago, for a mere €15. Score!

The shoes were a sale, I think more or less about the same time, definitely in the same summer. It's probably because of that that I almost always pair the two together. Why not, right? As my rule goes: pair pink with... more pink!

I especially love the little buckle detail over the toe (it's actually the only thing keeping the sides of the shoes together) and the contrast of the silver stiletto heel. Just a tad on the stripper side, but sometimes that's just how I like my heels.

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