Monday, 6 June 2011

Penny (for your shoes)

I've been so busy with getting the house ready for the big move and then the actual move itself, that I haven't had time to share my most recent purchases with you. So behold: the red Penny shoes from Miss Selfridge that I had been lusting after for quite a while. (and the awesome new wallpaper in my dining room)

I scoured eBay for these never-worn Penny's and eventually made them mine for £23, still well below the original £40 in store. Before they massively sold out of course. I put them on and they are just too purrrrty for words. You can guess what my next move was...

Yup, I scored the black versions for even less money! Worn only once, and £14 to be exact. I've already worn both pairs a couple of times, and the red ones actually make people stop in the street to complement on them. Other ladies in the cafĂ© coming up telling me how much they like my shoes, and men seem to like them as well. :) And won't you just look how beautiful they look together?

Sadly, I was stupid enough to wear the red ones while showing an Israeli friend through Brussels two weekends ago (think: lots of cobblestones and lots of walking), which is why I had to buy these. It's not like I had any choice, I promise you.

At least they saved my feet from any more blisters, and thus the entire day as well. But I guess I better get cracking at that shoe challenge again...


  1. They are sooooo beautiful!

    I might just take a look on eBay if my size is available somewhere...

  2. Red Penny's are just perfection! And then you see the black version and think - they are just as amazing! I guess I'm off to ebay right now..))