Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Where the shoes sleep...

Since I moved into my new house a couple of weeks ago already and I did have a housewarming party for all my friends, I thought I'd give you a peek as well. Into my dressing, that is. Or, as I'd like to call it, the room where the shoes sleep. And there are a lot of those. This is pretty much the first view when you enter. It's temporary, of course, until I get some custommade cabinets done. But at least they're all in one room, which genuinely makes me happy. God, I'm hopeless.

Those are actually three rows of shoes. And there's more.

And more. But those brown boxes are actually more clothes, not more shoes. Well, I'm pretty sure anyway.

Is it weird that I like to organize my stuff by colour?


  1. i organize all my clothes etc by colour as well - so no you are normal it's the rest of them that are weird

  2. I can only say WOW. I'd die for your (shoe) closet!

    Haha and that puppet in front of your window :)