Thursday, 23 June 2011

Shoe challenge #59: Barbie pink

Tonight I'll be going to the annual fair in Antwerp, so I thought I'd wear something comfortable on my feet. I could've gone for a nice chunky heel, but I decided to go for a relatively low one instead. Because the weather here has been kind of dreary lately, I have been walking in jeans all week almost and I was feeling like wearing a dress. But, hélas, no sunshine and thus, no pretty summery dress.

I decided to whip this one out of the closet, I hadn't worn it since Christmas or something. Because it's black, it feels more wintery to me. I used to wear tons and tons of black, in fact I hardly ever wore anything else, but nowadays I feel like black drags me (and my mood) down a bit. I wouldn't say I'm very comfortable wearing all black anymore, I prefer some 'pop' in my clothes.

So that's where the pale pink comes in. The skinny belt breaks up the black a bit, while the nude-ish shoes (hopefully) visually elongate the legs. And they're comfortable, oh yes they are. In fact, my best friend has already asked me to order her a pair as well, since she thinks they're very pretty and she's not a big fan of my higher heels. You should have seen her when she tried them on, exclaiming "I can walk in these, I can walk in these!". Still cracks me up.

Dress and belt (Asos), shoes (New Look via eBay)

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