Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Shoe challenge #62: Ring my doorbell

I have an anouncement to make first: this was the first time ever that I've had someone to take my photos. And I must say, it was a vast improvement. I actually ventured outside of the limits of my own home/yard and these were taken in the little alley in front of my house. So thank you Best Friend Tim! Looking forward to next time. ;)

I was a bit disappointed by these when I first received them, as they were less 'yellow' than I expected them to be. Nontheless I decided to keep them, as I really like the general shape: platform, stiletto, simple lines and of course suede.

The dress was my second purchase in Luxembourgh, and I had been waiting for some sunshine to wear this. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it in the store, mostly because of the cheery turkoise (plus the detail of the print is amazing), and quite literally everyone complemented me on it today. People were really staring at me in the train this morning as well, obviously wondering where I was going so early dressed like that. All I can say is that every day at work is a glamorous day for me! That is actually me ringing my own doorbell by the way. Yes, I'm a dork like that.

Just to give you an idea of how inhumanly high these are: that's not a glass of liquor, but a proper glass of wine, and not even a small one at that. No wonder my feet were killing me by the end of the day, even if I did carry a pair of flats in my purse for the longer walks today.

That's all folks!

Dress (Promod) and shoes (Asos)


  1. i like them but i prefer the corn yellow ones you got from new look, which i think have now sold out beforee i could get some ;(

  2. I actually do as well, but sssst, don't tell anyone. ;) And yes, they sold out like crazy, which is why I couldn't delay any more and just went for it.

  3. I ADORE the dress, I can't get over it's prettiness!

  4. Well, should you be in the UK: it's on sale (I hate it when that happens). Unfortunately I can't order anything myself, since I did try on a couple of cute dresses in Promod that I had to leave behind... :(


  5. I love this outfit! Both the shoes and the dress are really cheerful and look fun to wear. :)