Saturday, 9 July 2011

Shoe challenge #65: Walking in Wien

Deciding whether or not to include my Birkenstocks in the Shoe Challenge was a bit of a dilemma, but I figured that I wear them a lot anyway, so I might as well rescue them properly instead of making it a bit easier on myself. But here's the thing. They are usually the shoes I slip into after a long day in heels, or to hang out in the house. Or (wait for it) when I have a lot of walking to do. Like in Vienna! Bingo! As good an excuse as any to share with you a peek of last week.

Okay okay, I'm not actually wearing them in that picture, but I thought it was too funny to keep from you. And they are in the picture, after all (right hand side). This was taken in front of the museum of natural history and the top one in front of Sissi's summer house Schönbrunn. Vienna is so pretty, I'm definitely going back. The brunette in the pictures is my BFF and the blonde is another really close friend of ours whose boyfriend actually studied in Vienna this past year.

Just to give you a closer look at the shoes, Birkenstock's Piazza, I'm showing you a generic picture from the Internet. I couldn't seriously show you my shoes in detail, it's embarassing and I think it's time I replace them. After all, I lived in them for three full months while in Asia two years ago, so it's no wonder they are practically falling apart. I think I'll go for some pink ones, but not until next Summer.

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