Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Shoe challenge #67: Red checks and cheeks to match

By now you must have noticed my habit of always saving all my newest acquisitions, so here I go again: gingham wedges from Schuh. Sales baby! The original price tag on these (£70) was a bit hefty for my taste (or my bank account), but as soon as the sales started, I hopped on them. £40! Luckily I did, because I love them.
My feet however, do not like them as much as they did throughout the day. I snapped these pictures right after I rushed into the house, having run a bit to beat the storm, hence the red cheeks and the tossled coife. And the sore feet.

Still, what's a little pain for beauties like these? They go perfectly with this denim dress that I wear not nearly often enough. I adore my gingham wedges, and I adore the new home. Which leads us to this 'extra' picture. Because every good house needs cuddles from time to time...

Dress (1060 via 3Suisses), cardigan (Zara), watch (Kipling) and shoes (Schuh).

1 comment:

  1. i love them!! :) i have been after a pair of red gingham wedges for oh so long, i once saw a pair with cherries on them which i have been trying to track down ever since, but these may have to do!