Monday, 1 August 2011

Shoe challenge #75: Candy colours

This skirt has its own name: I call it the Monet skirt. All the lovely colours remind me of Monet's water lilies. Bonus? This skirt goes with literally anything, since it has literally every colour in it. With the orange shoes I went for one of the less obvious colours, and added a tiny pop of blue to the equation as well.

I'm so happy that we're having a few days of sunshine, so I can save a couple of shoes that I was pondering to bend the rules for (only a little!). On the other hand, all open-toed shoes will have to make do with my baby pink nails, which wasn't the perfect match for this rather screamy orange. It will be perfect for tomorrow's outfit though, just you wait and see.

These babies were a sales pick last year, and even if I don't wear them quite that often (they're a smidgen too big, I should solve that ASAP), they are the BOMB. Enter silly picture.

Skirt (Zara), top (Mango), watch (LTC) and shoes (Asos).

As an extra, my haul from today's very last sales: turkois distressed denim mini, yellow structured tulip skirt and pink skinny (I might end up regretting that one), all Zara, all for a mere 30 euros.


  1. I love those shoes BUT that heel would kill me! I cannot keep my balance over 4. How tall are they?
    Also love the flavor color haul.


  2. They are indeed over 5 inches, but they have a massive platform, which helps. :)