Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shoe challenge #77: Buttercup

You must excuse me today, I'm not feeling particularly chatty. I'm exhausted. I had two really rough nights (not sleeping much, I'm afraid) and I just cleaned the entire house, or at least the ground floor. All that while my 'stoofvlees' was on the stove (national dish, it's a beef stew, yum!). And now I ate it all, after all that hard work, and all I want to do is take a shower and watch The Bachelor (season 14, I might be in love with Jake myself, hah!).

That said, this was one of my favourite outfits. I didn't expect it to, but it was so darn comfortable (except the part where I had to keep in mind not to bend over for modesty's sake). It was rainy out, but it was also pretty hot, so I figured bare legs and peep toes would be do-able. Any excuse to wear my new skirt. I'm in love with it, and it was the last one in the entire store on Monday. It is a size 42, but it was only 8 euros and I've learned along the way that Zara sometimes has ridiculously small sizing. It might be a bit too big though, but as it's a tulip skirt, I thought it would do. And it does! It reminds me of a buttercup flower. And it's structured enough to keep wearing it through Winter with tights.

The shirt is a recent buy as well, and the shoulders have sequins on them. How could I possibly resist? It is so sheer though that you can actually see my tattoos through it, so I figured that if people were going to see what I'm wearing underneath, I might as well show off my new neon orange bra. (I did wear a little purple cardigan to work though, I'm not that indecent!) The shoes are the perfect example of my 'write about it, then buy it in the sales' strategy. I really should stop doing that.

I figured I could do something with all those stupid photos I always have. At least I can try to make you laugh, right? I call this 'the peacock'.

Skirt (Zara), shirt (Freddy E-motion), bra (Victoria Secret), nail polish (OPI) and shoes (Miss Selfridge).

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  1. Yep because I love shoes, I can tell you that I love those! I love the polish too.

    The yellow skirt if Spring Fresh!