Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Shoe challenge #76: Silver shine

The one and only Summer day came and went, and I tried to dress appropriately: a fun cotton sun dress and the breeziest shoes I own. When my best friend and I went backpacking two years ago, the only pair of shoes I had with me were my white Birkenstocks (at that time brand spanking new though). Because I didn't want to buy any heels for going to clubs, I found this slightly more fancy alternative in India, just so I wouldn't get denied at the doors. I really haggled for these sandals, and I must have paid around 2 euros for them: it was a done deal. I'm really dreading the day these will have been completely worn out.

The dress is nothing fancy either, just a quick buy from H&M last year. It's not actually pink but white with thin dark pink stripes. I love the slightly 50s silhouette and the fact that it doesn't hug all my curves. I'll always go for a more loose fit when it's hot. And it was hot, especially since I spent the entire day in an airconditioned office. As soon as I walked out the door after work, I was hit by this sweltering heat, and by the time I was on the train I was actually sweating. Eeeeeww! It was almost like being back in India again! (just kidding, I was literally melting in India)

It must have been around 7pm, you can see how nice it was out on my terrace.

Dress (H&M) and shoes (street vendor in Mumbai).

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