Monday, 22 August 2011

Shoe challenge #86: Dot the I's

After a weekend full of sunshine (ironically enough, after the tropical storm on Thursday) the weather today was back to regular Belgian mode. So I stuck to a simple outfit, not too fussy. After all, I did get a bit of a tan during the weekend, which was more than I had hoped for. To me this look stranded somewhere in between flamenco dancer and rockabilly. But I liked it nonetheless. Must be because of the dress.

I always forget how crazy I am about this dress, I bought it for a special occasion six years ago. It seems so funny that I used to consider this to be dressed up. Old Daisy would think new Daisy is so over the top! Anyway, I love it because it's a) boobylicious b) I'm crazy about polka dots and c) it drapes beautifully around the waist and makes it look tiny. The shoes were a find on eBay, but what I really wanted were the Miu Miu lookalikes from Forever21. But these will have to make do, even if they're a bit more Wednesday Adams than intended.

Dress (3Suisses), belt (Asos) and shoes (Timeless).

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