Thursday, 25 August 2011

Shoe challenge #87: Birthday girl

The look for my 27th birthday. And it was a great one. The birthday, I mean. I went to sleep at midnight with a lovely message from a special someone, and I woke up still smiling. Once I arrived at work, I was greeted by a desk with a nice card, my favourite breakfast and some flowers, courtesy of my amazing colleagues. They truly are amazing, by the way. The entire day I received lots of sweet messages, and I just felt so incredibly loved and blessed to have all those wonderful people in my life.

This was the first time I wore the shoes or the dress, long overdue if you ask me. All my detail shots of the shoes turned out bad, so you must make due with the explanation: they are cherry/hot pink T-bars from Dorothy Perkins, but I hunted them down on eBay.
I did some special effort on my nails as well, by painting them a metallic hot pink and adding glitters in the same colour. I call them my birthday nails, and I still can't stop looking at them and smiling, even as I'm typing this post. The yellow belt accentuated the yellow in the print, and I can't even begin to express how much I wear that particular belt. It's quickly become on of my wardrobe staples.

I love the print on the dress, it's very English and summery, but not so summery that it's only suitable on a hot day. Yesterday it was soft and warm outside, with just the right amount of sun, and the dress was perfect for such weather. I especially love the deep V and the bow detail in the back.
We're actually approaching the end of my shoe challenge, and according to Shoeperwoman Amber herself I might probably be the first one (after herself of course, with last year's shoe challenge) to finish it. So exciting! Four days, three pairs of shoes left (not counting the sequin ones that I seem to have misplaced) and one of those three is currently on my feet.

Dress (New Look), belt (Asos) and shoes (Dorothy Perkins).

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