Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Budget option: black Pigalle Spikes

As you all know, Christian Louboutin has plenty a shoe lover drooling over his designs. Sadly, not everyone (and especially not me) has the budget to afford his shoes. That's were the high street brands come in, so you can get at least a 'vibe' of the shoe god's genius. Pictured above are the magnificent Pigalle Spikes 120 in black, one of my absolute favourites, that retail for the very painful price of €765. Autch. But, there elegant and funky and bitchy, all at once.

Enter: Studio TMLS's Bahia. Not nearly as pretty, I must admit, just a faint echo of the Pigalles, but at least at only a quarter of the price. At €199 these are done mostly in crystals and just a couple of spikes, but they reflect a similar bitchy business vibe. Like I said, not even to be compared to the original, but these might seduce some people as well.

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