Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dorothy's Valentine shoes

Everyone who's been following this blog knows of my love/hate relationship with Irregular Choice shoes. I own two pairs myself, but it has been a long time since I fell in love with a pair of new ones. For a moment there, I thought we had grown apart... *insert some mushy tears*
And then I saw these: Red I'm from Burry. I think they are just the right degree of whimsical. I love the contrast of the polka dot with the gingham, although I wish the gingham would have been a fabric. (in some of the photos you can see the -according to me- not so attractive shine of the leather. I'm not the biggest fan of Irregular Choice's plexy heels either, but for this shoe, I'll tolerate it.
I also love the mix of different reds (ballsy!) and the plastic heart on top of the bow. It's just kitchy enough, without being overkill. For some reason they remind me of the kind of shoes Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz would wear for her Valentine's date.
If you like them as much as I do (or actually if you like them better, since I won't be buying these), you can get them here for £89.

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  1. LOVE them- perfectly whimsical but still wearable :)