Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Purple banana boots

How amazing are these boots?! I can't stop staring at them and I can't wait for them to show up on the website! The black and tan versions are already online, but these purple ones blow my mind! I already loved the curvy heel on the courts, but none of those plain colours really appealed to me. This purple? A whole different ball game. I expect these Pisa banana heeled platform Chelsea boots (now there's a mouthful) to be retailed at £120, just like their black and tan brothers.
As if these fierce boots weren't enough already to make me pee my pants with joy (not too literally, thank god), my new Asos shoes finally arrived today and they are gorge! You'll have to wait for pictures though, since I'm staying at my mom's place all week, dog sitting, with no camera. But, I also majorly scored on the grey Kurt Geigers that briefly showed up again in my size and on those zebra platforms I've been stalking on eBay. Not without results, I might add, so I'll show you my new babies next week! Woop woop squeel!

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