Friday, 18 November 2011

Turkoise dreams

These Topshop Sultry (gotta love the name!) platforms have gotten me pretty excited! Vibrant coloured suede tends to do that to me, even more so if you throw in a pretty shape and a towering stiletto as well. The price isn't bad either: these puppies will only set you back £65. For real suede!
One thing that I'm not crazy about is that they covered the inside of the heel with suede as well. For someone who rides her bicycle everyday (like me) it can be really difficult to keep that part of the shoe safe. Slide of the pedals once (which happens to me a lot, especially when it's wet and they're slippery) and the heel will be ruined.
And, they'll get you almost as many attention in the street as these...

(I just had to throw in some Louboutin, didn't I?) It's okay to be jealous, I am too.

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  1. OMG these are simply amazing!! I love the heel and the color , pure delight! :D:X