Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Black pepper

Sometimes I arrive at work in the morning and Charlotte, the receptionist, will call me over to give me a package. Those are good days. I arrive all giddy with my box on the third floor and by the time I reach my office at the end of the hallway, everyone will want to know what's inside. Today it was these gorgeous sparkly peep toes that I got in the Asos sale last week. So happy! I'll probably wear them for New Year's. In Belgrado baby!
Also good news: it seems that my Solestruck order has finally found its way back to me, after being held up in Belgian customs for over two weeks. I'll be picking up my new babies (remember I ordered not one but two pairs in the Black Friday sale?) tomorrow at the post office. Pictures to follow. Which reminds me that I still need to photograph my Sam Edelman Lorna's in nude.

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