Saturday, 17 December 2011

Dressember - the 16th

I woke up terribly late this morning. Too late, in fact. I just grabbed the first dress that caught my attention when I walked into my dressing, and I didn't even bother to find some shoes that matched. Well, I didn't have time anyway. That's right, my shoes don't match my outfit, I can't remember the last time that happened. I'm a bit embarassed and very intent on making sure that never happens again. Dreadful.
Anyway, I wore this outfit to work and I truly do love this dress. My best friend picked it out for me years ago and forced me to try it on (at the moment I was very resistent of wearing blue, as I had worn blue for six years as part of my school uniform - with a grey pleaded skirt), I'm happy he did. I adore the busy abstract print, it looks like butterflies.

I admit, my hair is an absolute mess, but that's because it has been extremely windy and rainy today in Belgium, with snow to top it off around 8. At least I managed to switch my deep purple nail polish for black yesterday night. After work my friend Kenneth (who also took these pictures, thank you sweetie!) took me to the theater, and after that we had some gl├╝hwein at the Christmas market in town. Luckily I wore a different dress and my purple Docs, because it started snowing as soon as we made it out the door. Welcome to Winter people!

Dress, top and leggings: H&M - boots: Hot Ice.

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