Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Shoe challenge #11: And a cute little rocket dog

Top (WE), dress (H&M), tights (no idea)
and shoes (Rocket Dog)
I had a photoshoot today. That sounds more glamourous than it was; in fact we just needed some pictures to go with one of my articles and I had to pretend I was having breakfast. Anyway, the photographer asked for a blue outfit and blue is what he got. Lots of blues, to be exact.
These booties are a weird shade of purple/midnight blue. I was actually quite surprised to see how well they co-ordinate with the darkest shade of blue in my dress. Which, I must add, one of my favourites. My best male (!) friend picked this out for me in the shop and forced me to try it on. And he was right. It does look better in real life than in the picture though. The pattern actually consists of butterfly-like shapes in four different kinds of blue, white and black.

These actually have a subtle fishbone motive on them
So I love the dress, love the shoes. What do I get compliments on? The tights. Go figure.

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  1. I like the weird purple/blue-ness :) The bow on the side is too cute!