Friday, 23 December 2011

Resistance is futile

Just yesterday I told you that I would show some restraint when it came to buying shoes. Which I did. This week I very impressively talked myself out of buying these Ted Baker Keanahs in the Office sale. They're very pretty with that massive bow, but they wouldn't be my first choice out of the existing colour combinations. For instance, I'm loving the black on blue, and the black ones with lace. And the sparkly ones, of course. To be completely honest though, I did weasel out only at the very last minute. I had already entered my card information, but just had to confirm through electronic banking, which got interrupted because one of my colleagues had a question. So I was very, very close. Having had a little break, I decided to say no to the shoes, hence saving myself £50. (expensive shipping costs) Luckily, the shoes have by now sold out, thereby preventing any further dilemmas. And then came the coat.

This bright yellow Karen Millen coat. The Coat that I've been lusting for, literally drooling over, for almost two months now. I noticed it first on the Asos site, where it was rapidly selling out, despite the hefty price tag (over €300). I searched eBay for it, I checked the Karen Millen website, but I couldn't find a cheaper alternative. And I couldn't afford that kind of money on a coat, not even on The Coat. (I am a house owner now after all, which comes with its responsibilities)
But then this morning, I was checking the sales, just for fun. Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, ... And one of those websites had a banner on it, a banner that read 'shop Karen Millen sale'. I decided it couldn't hurt to take a look, maybe there was a nice dress for grabs. I didn't expect The Coat to be on sale. But it was. 50% off to be exact, which would still make it a splurge for something I don't really need, but at least one within my budget.
I hesitatingly looked at my computer screen for 30 minutes. I asked my co-worker to tell me to buy it. He told me it was a "very Daisy" coat. I hesitated a little more. And then I remembered that I had been stalking yellow coats on eBay for a couple of weeks now, but that nothing really struck my fancy like this one did. And that it is Christmas weekend after all, I'll probably be getting some money here and there. So I bought it. And so the waiting for packages starts anew... If you were to look up the word 'weak' in the dictionary, there's probably a photo of me next to it.

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