Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lucky 13

While I was in Belgrade a few weeks ago, I tried on these beasts and I fell in love. Why didn't I buy them then? Because my best friend aka shopping sidekick wasn't very keen on them and kept telling me how hideous she thought they were. I must admit, she was right about one thing: they do not match my current wardrobe. As big of a fan I am of the girly/though combo, I don't think these would work well with my fancy twirly dresses. Or with anything in my collection, really. I wouldn't exactly call my style biker chic...

That said, even if they don't fit my personal aesthetic, they looked amazing in real life. As soon as I walked in the store, I got sucked towards them. They fit like a glove, were extremely comfortable to walk in, and I love the use of two different styles of buckles on all those little straps. Don't worry, you don't actually have to undo all of those to fit your feet in, there's a zipper on the side.
If you have the guts to get away with these edgy babies, you can get them here for $56.

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