Thursday, 26 January 2012

How's that shopping detox working out for ya?

Number of days since I shopped: 23.
Number of days since I shopped online: 34.
Number of days since I bought shoes: 44.
Number of times I've added items to my basket, but have backed out right before paying: 4.
Growth of my wislists on Asos, eBay, Solestruck etc.: 40% (at least)
Money saved: €0. A week in Serbia and a couple of dentist appointments means I'm still as broke as ever. Except now it isn't because of a sky high Visa bill.

I must say, the detox is getting easier as time progresses and I'm not constantly checking all my usual webshops anymore, but at the same time I have been feeling less inspired to get dressed in the mornings. Because of the lack of new 'material'?? Then again, I am suffering from a very stubborn cold and I'm thinking my iron levels have been kinda low lately... I guess time will tell.

Objective of the month February: a new Peugot salt- and pepper mill set (with a gift certificate!), and fabric for curtains. And most definitely no more shoes or clothes. By the way, when I finish February without doing any shopping, I have made my 50 days bench mark!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that's great what you are doing! I did more or less the same, though not on purpose... I came to spend holidays in South America and I simply didn't feel like buying anything but jewellery (the gemstones are fabulous here) ... up to 2 days ago, when I bought some shoes and fabric.
    I use to buy more in the UK and in some days I'll be back... and have a list of things to buy (I even bought some shoes which have already arrived at my UK's address, can't wait to see them!)
    But it's true that I wasn't feeling very inspired and didn't visit my favorite shops on internet... in February it'll change - I am so glad that I'll go back to my way, cause here the holidays were just to relax, nothing else! But I'm trying to buy less now, it's good for the wallet!
    I am crossing my fingers, you'll resist!