Monday, 9 January 2012

Shopping detox

Yep, it's that time again. I was off to a very good start last year, but over the last few months my shopping has grown outside of healthy proportions. To be more specific: my online shopping behaviour especially has gotten way out of control lately. So I have decided to quit. Like giving up smoking or any other addiction, the key phrase is "one day at a time". So far: 5 days and counting. I fluked out at the last minute though, just before paying some purchases on the Karen Millen website and Asos. But even if it was only by a hair, still no shopping.
I'm thinking about keeping up for 50 days or something, because maybe a month would be too short. I'm hoping my shopping need will have shrunken considerably by then, so I can venture out again for some light shopping once in a while after that. I will allow myself to shop necessary things irl though. I still need to swing by Ikea for some things for the house (I still have two gift certificates though) and by the cooking store (also a gift certificate still lying around), but I'll have to ask myself the crucial question "Do I really need this?" before handing over my credit card. Every single time.
Things that I do need? Curtains. A pepper mill. Shelving for my dressing. After all, what's the use of buying more shoes or dresses if you don't have  the proper space to put them all?
A possible side effect of this challenge might be that you'll see less shoes on here (to resist temptation by avoiding my favourite shopping sites), but I'll try to compensate with outfit posts once in a while. Wish me luck!

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  1. ooh good luck - i really ought to try something like this as well, or at least focus on the storage side of things, as i seem to have run out of space!