Thursday, 24 February 2011

Good intentions

Since I started my 2011 shoe detox (as in: buy a house, not shoes), I can proudly say I haven't purchased a single pair of shoes. I have decided to go full speed on my shoeper challenge (as in: pictures at least once a week) and have fully stopped shopping at all, in real life and online. But. It is seriously taking all of my strength.
On those days that I'm feeling down or confused, shopping therapy is what I crave. There are tons of shoes on my wishlist, but at the moment all my funds are going towards one place: my savings account. (And last week the downpayment on my house, which, I must admit, hurt a little. That's actually a lie. It hurt a lot.)

Still, even with my elaborate collection of both shoes and clothes, I believe there are a few fashion staples still missing in my wardrobe. When reading about switching from random and impulsive purchases to 'sensible' shopping, that's what you're supposed to do: analyse and diagnose your wardrobe collection, and buy only what you think you need. So here it goes.

- the perfect black pump: stylish, timeless and comfortable enough to hit the clubs in them. No peeptoes allowed! Maybe something like this.
- the perfect leopard print dress, preferably a wrap dress. In a stylish fabric and a nice colour tone, with sleeves and preferebly a huge Diane Von Furstenberg vibe. Hers is very nice.
- red bottoms, either a pencil skirt or a short full circle skirt.
- a fitted denim shirt.
- a silk flowy longsleeved blouse to wear with pencil skirts, for a professional look.
- a tuttu like petticoat to go under my 50s dress.
- a fuchsia pink bathrobe. Me and the boyfriend like to go to the spa from time to time, and I hate my plain and sensible grey one. Not an absolute necessity, I admit, but it would still make me happy.
- the perfect pair of mustard shoes. Ever since I parted with these old friends, I have regretted it. I want them back! I have been chasing them on eBay and other sites, but have found nothing even remotely similar. Until I saw these. So they are on top of my wishlist. I have been saving up a bunch of €2 coins in a jar for a while now, and I have reached the price of these beautiful wedges. If I can stay within budget during my stay in Amsterdam this weekend (which means: no shopping), I might just treat myself to these. Until then, I'm stalking them every day.


  1. oh, i wish i was sensible enough to do this kind of challeneg, and to rationalise my wardrobe!

  2. I'm having a really difficult time though! I'll probably be buying the yellow wedges sometime this week (as they are selling out quite quickly all of a sudden), and I just noticed that New Look has gotten new stock in of the gorgeous printed scenery dress. So that's very dangerous as well... Oh oh.

  3. New Look can be so dangerous!! you think its so cheap and then you end up at the till and have an OMG moment :) Congrats on the challenge so far, it is really hard but you can do it!!! keep us updated xx