Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Spotty Huey

I'm quite surprised at how well I'm doing with my shopping detox, it even feels like it's getting easier as time passes. Best thing, I'm still keeping an eye on all my regular (shoe) websites. My philosophy? Avoiding so-called window shopping isn't exactly a detox, it's avoidance. The exercise here is to explicitly say no to myself every time I want something that I don't need. And it's actually working like a charm, who would've thought?! I feel like I might be building up some resistance here: 3 weeks sans shopping and counting!
If it weren't for the shopping detox, I probably would have bought these Huey sandals as soon as I laid eyes on them. And for just under €50, who could have blamed me? They have polka dots and are navy (a colour I only possess in form of a bootie), and although that ankle strap would probably rub in the wrong place, these are great Summer shoes! And as there's a small chance you don't like polka dots as much as I do (in which case: you're crazy), there's also a cork version with red, green or nude patent uppers.

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