Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dr. Martens goes sexy (and succeeds)

These babies struck my fancy back when I was in Belgrade for Newyear's. I noticed them in a shop window and was a) surprised to find out that they were Dr. Martens and b) blown back by the price tag. They're £200 on the website, but I remember them being even more expensive over there. Although they do look like they might be worth their price. They look very chic and maybe even designer. I'm a sucker for simplicity, especially when it's executed to perfection. These are definitely going on the wishlist, let's cross our fingers that they'll go down in price when the summer collections come around.
Shape? Lovely. Design? Timeless. Heel? High yet walkable. Laces? God, I hope these have a zipper. (they do)

If you're not convinced about the knee-high version, maybe you'll like them better as a shoe boot. And it will save you some pennies too: they're £110. And for those of you who aren't too keen on black, there are also oxblood (dark red) versions of both shoes, with a wooden finish to the heels.

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  1. I am totally convinced! I love the first pair!