Thursday, 2 February 2012

Floral on floral

I really shouldn't be drooling over yet another pair of peep toes, because oh my, it's mighty cold out here in little ol' Belgium! I guess it must be 10 degrees below zero (we count in Celcius btw), but from my window I can see the most gorgeous blue sunny sky ever. I guess it's sending out the wrong message. That said, I wish it was time again to go out barelegged and wearing summery shoes.
I love the clash between the two floral fabrics, especially the pink against the blue. (the bright clashy version of these is not very cute, which proves my point) Also, there's something a little interesting about the shape of the stiletto heel, which I'm quite fond of. Best part? The smooth smooth price of only £28. I know I've been writing a lot about New Look lately, but I plead not guilty, I simply can't help. Make them stop!

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  1. they are so nice for spring!