Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I did it!

Today is the last day of February, which means I haven't shopped in two months. I challenged myself to a shopping detox of 50 days, and I ended up lasting even longer! 57 days to be exact! 57 days during which I did not buy any shoes (actually, that has been even longer than two months) or clothing. I spent money only on regular bills (mortgage, utilities, phone, internet, gym) and food. (and maybe on drinks as well, truth be told) I did buy some necessities for the house, as well as a new bathrobe. (which wasn't exactly a frivolous expense, though being similar to clothes)
The question on everybody's lips is "What now?". Will I continue my promiscuous shopping bacchanals of yore? Will I continue to be frugal and ignore all temptation? Well, I hope to be able to find a safe middle ground. I don't want to deny myself all things nice, but I am planning a big (BIG!) trip this Summer, so I'll need to save up a bit anyway. I have gotten a tiny bonus with this month's pay check, so I am allowing myself to spend that money whichever way I want. Probably on a denim shirt (Miss Sixty) I've been drooling over since forever and a cute LBD (Karen Millen) I'm stalking on eBay as we speak.
Here's to hoping I don't fall off the wagon again!


  1. Amazing, I could never have the will-power, especially during sale season!

  2. It was extremely hard, I must say. I almost can't believe I did it myself. I have already given in and bought both the shirt and the dress (I got a very good deal on both), so now I'm not supposed to do any more shopping in March, as I've already spent my monthly budget. It will be a rough month... ;)