Thursday, 2 February 2012

I have beef

I know that fashion bloggers have the reputation of following any trend blindly, and that may probably be true for some, but I wouldn't generalize it that easily. Personally, there are some trends that make my eyes bleed. I absolutely hate leggings. They are not pants, and if you're wearing them against the cold under a skirt or dress, just wear freaking tights already! I'm not too keen on Jeffrey Campbell's Litas either, not to mention Crocs or Uggs. But also, Toms?

I see them all the time, in all kinds of uppers, and I read people raving, practically preaching about them. Sure, I can believe that they are seriously comfortable for your feet. No wonder, as they are essentially slippers. Which is why I firmly believe that they cannot be meant to be worn outside. Just like leggings are not pants, Toms are not proper shoes. Also: ugly ugly ugly. (even if they do support some great charities though)

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