Thursday, 15 March 2012

Exie, where are you?

I think every shoe lover has a list of 'ones that got away', usually fervently searched for on eBay. As do I. In my list of automatic alerts: KG's Jitterbug in fuchsia, KG's Assess in either yellow or purple, KG's Corso Como in mustard, Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragons in gold, Topshop's Sultry in turquoise, Aldo's Fawson in pewter and these leopard studded sandals from Kandee. (if you can help me out with any of these, give me a shout!)

Recently added to that list are these Sam Edelman sandals. They are called Exie, and I was waiting to by them from Asos, when they suddenly disappeared off the site. I'm not saying they sold out, they just vanished. I still had them in my wishlist, they weren't even low in stock, but I just couldn't click on them anymore. It is a mystery that has made me frantically search for these on the internet... In vain. They seem to be quite rare, I can hardly find them anywhere, and usually they are sold out.
I am keeping watch on eBay, and hoping to add these to my collection soon, as they are pure magic. I haven't decided on which colour I want most though. I love the white with the studs, but am afraid they won't go as well with everything as black will.

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