Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Shoe challenge #2: Everybody wears green

I know that everyone, including me, is excited to be starting a shoe challenge again, which influences the speed with which we're going. It seems like everyone is saving a pair of shoes every day, but I know from experience that that won't last long. Not even with me, even if I'm already dreaming of finishing the challenge early this time and not having to worry towards the end.

It's the first time I'm combining my shoe challenge with the Everybody Everywear project, which this month is asking us to wear green. The one colour that I don't own in my closet, not even in the form of shoes. I own turkoise and mint and teal and lime, but not pure green. This is the closest I could get. I took these photos after work, so excuse the wrinkles.

On my feet is a relatively new pair of black booties, which were given to me by someone who realized pretty quickly that (for them) they were a bad purchase. Another one's shopping mistake is my gift! They're from New Look, but they're real suede and they were in mint condition when I got them, so I wasn't going to refuse. They've already proven to be an excellent basic in my closet.

Dress and boots from New Look.

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