Friday, 16 March 2012


The Kandee collection is here, and it is appropriately called Loud. And while I truly love loud colours like no other, the new designs are also kind of disappointing. Mainly because they aren't really 'new' per se. All the new shoes are basically adaptations of existing models, and some are even just a re-issue of a popular model, like the Peanut (Crunchy) boots!
The above pump is just a more colourful version of last season's Caramel Kisses, while below you can see a neon pink take on the Peanut Butter Crunchy sandals, so that's kind of a red line throughout the collection.

As much as I love this pink sandal (I've been on the hunt for the brown leopard version on eBay for like forever), the Kandee shoes are extremely high, pretty pricey and I've heard not so good things about them, especially in terms of finishing and quality. I've heard a lot of complaints about broken zippers, for example on the Peanut Butter boots, and I've noticed a similar trend on eBay, where a lot of pairs with broken zippers are sold for inferior prices.
If you want to read about some of those negative experiences from other bloggers, you can do so at Pink Haired Princess or The Fetishist Notes. Myself, I'm a bit apprehensive now to spend that much money on Kandee shoes. What do you think? Good or bad experiences with the brand? And what do you think about their designs?

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  1. absolutely fine to include my link-can't say I'll ever order from them again.