Thursday, 22 March 2012


Earlier today I showed you the villains of the world of sandals (there is no such world per se, but I think there should be), so I thought I should show you a pair that I do like as well. And contrary to my expectations, I like these F-Troupe sandals. Very much even. I'm very taken with the checked uppers, even if the colours are a bit gloomy, and I love the finishing touches in tan.

And I especially love this bow. I didn't really notice at first glance until I saw the close-up, but the bow is actually the piece of leather from the peep toe folded upwards. I adore little details like that! The platform is small enough that it doesn't bother me, even if Asos describes these as "wedge sandals". Huh? That's not a wedge, darlings. If you want to pay €119 for this non-wedge though, you can do so here.

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