Saturday, 28 April 2012


The weather on this side of the globe is still quite gloom and rainy, and naturally that only makes me dream about summer. I have yet to walk outside barelegged this year and it's starting to get me down, putting on these tights day after day, while I've ordered some ridiculously fun sandals lately. Which I'm dying to wear, but can't. These however, wouldn't look to bad on my feet either.

I love their frivolousness and their whimsy and even their Pocahontas vibe, what with the plastic feathers on top. This should come as no surprise, as I featured their wedge sisters way back when in January. As I've already purchased my fair share of flat sandals this year (without any sun to actually wear them), I won't be spending my £47 on them, but if you want to, you can do so here.

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