Friday, 27 April 2012


Say what you want about Jeffrey Campbell, but at least the man knows how to put on a good show. His designs are usually different and sometimes even too "out there" to be even wearable (or at least what my feet are concerned), but these Vicious platforms are nothing but real showstoppers, nothing more, certainly nothing less.

I'd be a bit worried walking in these, but man oh man, do I love those neon pink studs! They look more or less bright depending on the angle, but I love the subtle play with the pink, including that adorable pink buckle! The green version looks pretty amazing as well.
I love them, but I'm not sure if I love them more than $210 in my pocket, even if I just got my summer bonus. If you know you want to shell out some hard cash for these, hurry over to Solestruck, because I expect these to sell out fast! (in some colours and sizes they already have)

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  1. I loveeee these shoes!! They're definitely on my wish list. I heard they're actually fairly easy to walk in too!