Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Not a happy puppy

It's been almost a month since I wrote about my Rockette victory, in which I scored the final pair of those amazing Jeffrey Campbell wedges. You have not seen those shoes appear on my blog though. I have been breaking my brain thinking of how to put my experience in words, and the key word is disappointment, to say the least. After I finally scored these babies, I was crazy with anticipation. I couldn't wait until their arrival. Sadly, my joy was short-lived.

No less than five days after my order confirmation (I was already wondering why the dispatching took so long), I received an email saying that Nasty Gal had "updated my order". I was informed that the Rockette platform was now out of stock, and that I was refunded my money and received $15 store credit. I don't get how it can suddenly be sold out. As soon as I hit the "pay now" button, the shoes disappeared from the website, just as they should have. So I wrote them an angry mail. And received $10 extra, as well as the promise that they would restock this item on the 30th of June.
I'm very curious to see if they will indeed get restocked, and am still contemplating whether or not I dare to take the plunge again. I had my eye on a couple of other styles as well (I love JC's Safety platforms, as well as the red Annabella), but I'm not sure how I feel about Nasty Gal's customer service after this disappointing experience. I guess we'll have to wait first and see whether they'll stick to their promise.
Have you ever had underwhelming experiences while shopping online?

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  1. I've not had any nasty experiences like that, although I'm one of those people who will bookmark something and then keep checking on it in the hope that it gets reduced before being out of stock in the hope I will get a bargain. It can be a risky game - I've lost out on some things, but sometimes it's been worth holding out for a bargain!