Friday, 11 May 2012

Shoe challenge #11: Meet the parents

Last week I had dinner with my boyfriend's parents for the very first time. I didn't have time to change into something else after work, so I decided on something rather subdued for our first meeting. The dress is an old favourite and although I usually pair it with purple or pink shoes to bring out the colours of the stripes, I kept it simple with black stilettos instead.

These babies are sky high, but I did manage to do a fair bit of walking in them. Even the boyfriend, who generally thinks I wear ridiculous (but pretty!) shoes, seemed to be impressed that I wasn't even nagging about sore feet or being tired. One friend even told me this week that she thinks I'm inspirational, and that when her feet hurt in "normal" shoes, she thinks of me and my willpower in high heels.

Dress H&M (seen here)/shoes New Look (last seen here).

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  1. this dress is really gorgeous and I love seeing all your shoes behind you in the picture! those zebra shoe on the window sill look pretty interesting! cant wait to see you wear and save them!